Mixed signals are so bad, ugh, why cant I read them. I always think better of people and believing they can chance (still do -_-) but I guess sometimes some people just wont ever change. Here’s to my hopes with you.

Fuck me for coming to realizing that I like you


The Great Desert Hunt For Underbutt at Coachella
There was only one trend at Coachella this year: Underbutt.


i’m a virgin

If you go to Coachella I dont know what I would do with myself. I’d be so extremely happy. Im not going to push it on you though. But man, it’d make it 1million times better if you came with me. Just the fact that you’ve put effort into looking and calling for tickets makes me happy.
But I need to learn to quit you. This is to much for me. Why am I falling for you?? Por que, dios santo mio ayudame por que no necesito un novio an que lo quiera.


100% ART / Lorenzo Quinn

Venus van Cythera (1561) par Jan Massijs (1509–1575), peintre Flamand, mouvement de la Renaissance et des primitifs Flamands.