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Sexual Preference: Paul Rudd

I dont think im going to die but its a serious matter that has to be taken care of immediately. Ugh life is so cool I dont want to leave yet if thats the case.

Lowkey crying right now bc I just found out im going to die. 
I have subdural hematoma which means I have a blood clot in my brain.
Seriously crying, not Lowkey


TLC - Creep

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Sexual Preference: Leo Messi

I peed in front of a lot of my friends at the hospital….


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spanish lessons w/ milo



"i want a blowjob"

quiero una biblia

"call a prostitute"

llama a la monja

"where is the strip club"

donde esta la iglesia

"i want to get laid"

quiero leer la palabra de dios

100% accurate. I am hispanic. I am certified.

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